5 Best Restaurants in Naples, Florida!

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5 Best Restaurants in Naples, Florida

Naples is home to some of the best restaurants, including beachside and waterfront restaurants, in Florida. The city serves up a variety of cuisines including New American, French, Italian, European, and Mexican restaurants that serve the most delicious and versatile food. Here are the top five restaurants you must visit in Naples, Florida. Read on!

1. Caffe dell'Amore

Caffe dell'Amore is on the top of our list for various reasons. First, it is an Italian restaurant that sources local and organic produce. The restaurant uses sustainable and healthy ingredients in all of its delicious dishes. Some of the best dishes you can order here are the Beef Short Rib Ravioli, Eggplant Rustici, Lobster and Ziti Al Forno, and Wild Boar alla Cacciatora. In addition, it is a modern restaurant with beautiful hand-painted walls and world-class interior design.

2. Baleen Restaurant

Baleen is a popular beachside restaurant in Naples, Florida, serving New American cuisine with a focus more on quality seafood dishes. The purpose is to offer customers an upscale dining experience. We recommend trying the Guava BBW Glazed Pork Tenderloin, Molasses Key Lime Glazed Halibut, and Crunchy Grouper Tacos.  Baleen is a perfect place for spending a lovely time on weekends and enjoying Champagne Brunch on Sundays. The menu also includes a variety of award-winning wines and cocktails. Likewise, this restaurant offers private beachside dinners, making it a perfect place for romantic couples.

3. Bleu Provence

Bleu Provence is a family-owned restaurant in Naples and serves some of the best French cuisine paired with delicious wines. We recommend eating Porcini Mushroom and Chestnut Soup before eating Colorado Lamb Filet, Moules-Frites, or Organic Irish Salmon.  The restaurant has the finest collection of wines. Chef Lysielle and her husband opened the restaurant in 1999. Today, their children Kevin and Clement run Bleu Provence and ensure their customers taste the best food in town.

4. USS Nemo

Many people in Naples visit this restaurant to enjoy delicious food and spend some quality time. It is an award-winning restaurant here in Naples, offering the best fresh undersea cuisine.  Some of the best dishes include Grilled Florida Keys Hogfish, Ginger Steamed Salmon, Swordfish Cioppino, and Nemo Fish Tacos.  USS Nemo is also a perfect place if you want to indulge in wine, beer, or cocktails. Nicolas Mercier, a renowned chef in Florida, opened this restaurant in 2012, and today, it has thousands of customers from within the city and interstate. If you want to relish a delicious meal, don't forget to visit the USS Nemo.

5. Brooks Gourmet Burgers & Dogs

Here is another restaurant famous for its unique American dishes. At Brooks Gourmet Burgers & Dogs, you can enjoy the classic Donut Burger and taste Korean Burger with Duck Bacon and BBQ Sauce. The restaurant also serves many other dishes, including hand-dipped corndogs, goat cheese milkshake, beer, wine, and cocktails.