Why move to Naples, Florida? Here are 5 reasons!

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5 Reasons to move to Naples, Florida!

Naples, Florida is home to some of the most scenic and serene views in the United States. The city is famous for its high-quality shopping malls, rich culture, luxury homes, beaches, and delicious food. There are many reasons to move to Naples, from the quality of life to the relaxed, downtown atmosphere. If you’re considering relocating to Naples, here are five reasons to make the move today!

1. No Income Tax

The biggest reason people move to Naples, Florida, is because there is no state income tax.  Florida is among the seven American states with no state income tax on residents earnings.  So whether you live in Naples for one day or one year, you won't pay taxes, making it an affordable place to live.  Naples has no state income tax, but its residents also pay the third-lowest tax rate.  In addition, all permanent residents qualify for a homestead that protects their financial stability and raises the tax no more than 3% annually.

2. World-Class Food & Shopping

Naples, like other cities in Florida, are among the top foodie places in the United States.  It is the perfect spot and a paradise in Southwest Florida, offering a plethora of food
choices for residents and visitors.  Naples features a wide range of restaurants that boast foods from different parts of the world.  Moreover, you must not miss Osteria Tulia, the
best Italian restaurant in Naples, Florida, offering high-quality food and great wines.  Naples is also famous for seafood, French Cuisine, and Japanese dishes. Shopping is also a highlight here with ample options and access to luxury goods. At Waterside, you will find luxe brands, including Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Co., Gucci, Nordstrom, and more. Visit Fifth Avenue South and Third Street for more options, you will not be disappointed.

3. State-of-the-Art Healthcare

Another reason to move to Naples is the state-of-the-art healthcare system, featuring advanced hospitals and clinical facilities. According to Gallup Poll, Naples is among the top ten cities in the U.S with top-notch hospitals and healthcare institutions.  In addition, there are four large hospitals in Collier County, allowing residents to access all health departments quickly and easily. Naples community hospital is a member of Mayo Clinic Care and has two locations.

4. Arts & Culture

Naples is an excellent place to live and relax because it has a serene environment and offers places where you may enjoy picnics, beautiful sunrises, and unforgettable sunsets. However, one thing that attracts most people to Naples, Florida, is the many venues for the arts. The city organizes a wide range of events at the Artis every year where famous performers from all over the world participate and perform to amuse the locals.  Besides, you can also explore numerous art galleries, including Paul Arsenault and others along Fifth Avenue.

5. Beaches

Beaches, beaches, beaches! Collier County has over 30 miles of beaches, which is why people call it the Paradise Coast. Unlike other cities, Naples beaches are open to the public throughout the year. Some of the best beaches in Naples are:
● Clam Pass Beach Park
● Vanderbilt Beach
● Barefoot Beach Preserve
● South Marco Island Beach
● Tigertail

Public Beach Naples has beautiful, serene, and scenic beaches. You will enjoy the soft sand and gentle waves of the Gulf of Mexico with your family and friends. The beaches offer a serene environment and are perfect for swimming. 

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